First Post

Ok…….well….I made this blog sitting in my hotel room completely bored out of my mind. Why I chose to make a blog…i have no idea, I tend to do strange things when I’m bored. For all I know this may be the only post I make before I realise how stupid blogs are…..

Ok to begin, my name is Brian. I will not give any more info, such as my last name, phone number, etc. I am sitting in a COMFORT INN right now in San Francisco. My parents decided to come here for who knows what reason!! All I know is that I don’t really like it here (besides the fact I got to get out of school for a week). A kool thing is though, ( I always spell kool with a K instead of a C because I think it’s kooler (; ) I get my own hotel room, except the fact that I share it with my brother. At least I don’t have to be stuck with my parents. I wish I was back in Seattle. 😦

Well that is my first ever post!! Lets see if I actually keep this up…..


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